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Money Saving Gifts for Truck Drivers

Contrary to popular belief, living on the road as a trucker isn’t always as inexpensive as people assume it is.

Today, I’m going to briefly discuss our top 3 suggestions for money-saving products for the OTR truck driver. Keep reading for our picks, and please leave any suggestions of yours in the comments below! Also be sure to check out more money saving items in our  trucker gift guide here.

Save Money on the Road with These 3 Gifts for Truck Drivers

  • A Travel Cooler
  • travel cooler for trucker

    OK, what were you expecting? Hands down, a travel cooler or mini refrigerator is the best way to save money as a truck driver. When truckers can store healthy groceries right in your cab, they’ll be less inclined to stop for a Big Mac and a Diet Coke at the nearest truck stop. To give a rough estimate of exactly how much a trucker can save with a basic cooler, consider that a fast food meal costs… we’ll say, on average, $8 at a truck stop (and that might be lowballing it). Now consider how many groceries could be purchased for the same price (or less!) and it’s easy to see how much funds one could keep in the bank.

  • A Tool Kit
  • tool kit for trucker

    This one is especially pertinent for the owner operators out there. If truckers have a set of basic tools on board, they can hopefully make any small repairs to the truck or sleeper and thus prevent pricey, time-consuming visits to the shop! This starter tool kit is inexpensive and provides a good assortment of basic tools, so your trucker is sure to find the right tool to fit his/her needs.

  • A Slow Cooker
  • So your trucker’s got the cooler to store all of his healthy groceries, but he’ll probably need something to cook his meals in on the road. Enter: the slow cooker. A nice Crockpot can be a trucker’s best friend on the road because it’s so easy to use! Wake up in the morning and chuck some ingredients for stew in the pot. Turn it on medium and just drive for the day. When your trucker stops, there’s a piping hot home-cooked meal that tastes leagues better than the food he’d find at that Pilot truck stop buffet.

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