Top LED Truck Bed Lights

Top LED Truck Bed Lights

Looking to add some lighting to your truck? We’ve done the research for you and came up with the best LED truck bed lights for 2020.

Having a nice truck bed on your vehicle can be handy for work, or trips, but if you are driving at night it can be difficult to see where things are. So, getting a truck light for the bed is a great way to be able to find what you need when there isn’t much light around. Whether you are working at night on a job site, or you are camping under the stars, a truck bed light can help make things a little bit easier to find.

From the inexpensive Partsam LED truck bed light to the premium-priced OPT7 AURA LED light, these LED lights have been made to shed some light on any situation. While there are many great options on the market for these types of lights, it can difficult to search through all of the brands and models out there to find one that is worth your time and money.

This guide is designed to help you figure out what you are looking for in an LED truck bed light, and show you some of the best options around. Using the following reviews, you can see what sets these apart from other models, and see which ones look like the best option for your needs so you and your family can have some extra lighting when on your next outdoors trip.

The 7 Best LED Truck Bed Lights of 2019

Whether you are on a construction site for work, or you are on a camping trip with your family, a good truck bed light can help make things easier to find in the middle of the night when you need them. With a good truck bed light, there will be no more fumbling around in the dark to find something you need anymore.

As you begin to look for a good truck bed light, you should look at the following chart in order to gain valuable information about what makes these products the best. You can use this chart to compare several different items at once to see which one would make a good choice for you so you can choose to purchase one that is right for you without having to do your own research.

List & Comparison of the Best LED Truck Bed Lights:

Nilight TR-05Strip180View on AmazonRead Our Review
View on AmazonRead Our Review
LEDGlow LU-TB-1Pods48View on AmazonRead Our Review
Nilight TR-02Strip264View on AmazonRead Our Review
Xprite DL-001-L3-WPods24View on AmazonRead Our Review
Partsam GTCV-1057790481Pods48View on AmazonRead Our Review
OPT7 SPOMHNK958Pods48View on AmazonRead Our Review

Review of the Best LED Truck Bed Lights:

? Nilight TR-05 – Best Strip Kit Truck Bed Light


  • 6000K Bright Light-24000LLM
  • Quick Installation-peel and stick
  • Safe Electrical Hook-Up-circuit safety
  • Durable design-IP67 sealed housing

More Features: wide applications for RV, truck, or outdoor use, comes with extra mounting hardware for added security.

This strip kit is a great option because it has 2 pieces of strip lighting that are waterproof and ultra-bright. The installation for these strips is simple with just peel and stick adhesive that attaches to the strip. The added mounting hardware is great for those who use these lights for industrial purposes and want added security. The safe electrical hook-up allows for safe use without fear of short-circuiting.


  • Ultra-bright light for nighttime
  • Extra security options for installation
  • Durability satisfied through IP67 standards
  • Can be used with multiple vehicles


  • Not long enough for a long bed

? MICTUNING MIC-TRL2-0144 – Best Waterproof Truck Bed Light


  • 12V Power Source-can mount anywhere
  • 60-Inch Strips-for long beds
  • On-Off Switch-ensures driving safety
  • IP67 Sealed Housing- protects LED strips

More Features: up to 30,000 hours lifespan, reliable adhesive for installation, blade fuse for safety while you are driving the vehicle.

These light strips work great for long truck beds that require specialty strips to accommodate for the extra length. The waterproof strips also allow you to feel comfortable using them in any type of weather without taking them off and keeping them inside. The 12V power sources allow you to use these lights wherever you go and the 30,000 hours lifespan will keep these lights working for you for a long time.


  • IP67 sealed standards
  • Accommodates long truck beds
  • Long lifespan
  • Ability to use them anywhere


  • Switch is not very durable

? LEDGlow LU-TB-1 – Best Pod Truck Bed Lights


  • SMD LED Lights-ultra-bright light
  • 8 Light Pods-lots of light
  • On-Off Switch-for easy turn-on
  • 21 Foot Wire-per strand
  • 2 Foot Wire-between pods

More Features: comes with 8 truck lighting pods for more illumination, includes all mounting and installation hardware.

These pods are built to illuminate the whole truck bed so that you can see everything in it. These pods have 2 feet of wire in between them and 21 feet per strand. This allows you to cover the entirety of the truck bed, making it bright even in the woods. The on-off switch makes turning it on and off easily, and the lights come with a 1-year warranty and lifetime technical support.


  • Long wire to cover truck bed
  • 8 light pods altogether
  • Easy shut off/on
  • Warranty and technical support


  • Smaller beds will have extra wire hanging

? Nilight TR-02 – Best Double Row Truck Bed Light


  • Double Row Lighting-200% more lighting
  • Rustproof Aluminum-durable and waterproof
  • Easy To Install-automotive adhesive
  • 5 Functions-for different lights

More Features: these strips can be used for different types of vehicles, meets IP67 standards, and 4-pin tow connector.

These strips have twice the lighting due to their double row lights. These allow for even brighter light for areas where the nighttime may be pitch black or foggy. It is made from rustproof aluminum and is waterproof so that you don’t have to worry about it getting ruined in inclement weather. There are 5 different functions so that you can change the light settings if you like.


  • Weather proof
  • Quick installation
  • Many function options
  • Ultra-bright lighting


  • Adhesive tape doesn’t always hold well

? Xprite DL-001-L3-W – Best Rock Lights


  • 8 Decorative Lights-plenty of light
  • Weatherproof-water and rust resistant
  • Only 0.25 Thick-easy to hide
  • Easy Installation-reliable adhesive

More Features: 21 feet of wire per strand to accommodate multiple sized beds, can be used in the interior or exterior of the truck.

These rock lights are small, powerful, and easy to hide away so that you don’t see them until they are turned on. The 21 feet of wire allows it to be used on many different trucks of all sizes. The installation is simple with adhesive. It can also be screwed in if you choose to, which is a good option for those who use their trucks for industrial use.


  • Weather resistant
  • Easy to hide and remove
  • Enough wire for longer truck beds
  • Bright light


  • The remote connection is one frequency (others with same light could use it too)

? Partsam GTCV-1057790481 – Best Light Strip LED Truck Bed Lights


  • 6 LEDS Each Pod-more lighting
  • On-Off Switch-easy turn on/off
  • Waterproof-weather resistant
  • Easy To Install-reliable adhesive

More Features: 12V power source, brass end is kit ground, can be mounted anywhere, extra screws are included.

These pod lights offer extra lighting for your money with each pod having 6 LED lights in them. This allows for even brighter light on your truck bed, and the on and off switch makes it easy to turn them on and off when needed. These are weather resistant so that you don’t have to worry about them in the rain, or other outdoor conditions. The adhesive is easy to install and makes set up a breeze.


  • Ultra-bright light
  • Extra screws included for set up
  • Weather resistant and safe
  • Easy to turn on and off


  • Long term durability not satisfactory

? OPT7 SPOMHNK958 – Best Multi-Colored Truck Bed Lights


  • Multi-Colored Lighting-for added flair
  • SmartColor LED-innovative technology
  • Soundsync Capability-link lights to music
  • Aluminum Cased-for durability

More Features: controls for light timing and function, IP67 standard for waterproofing, simple mounting for installation.

These lights are the premium for a reason, the innovative technology that is used with these lights are undeniable. The Soundsync capability allows you to adjust the timing and function of the lights so that it goes with the music playing, making a great option for camping trip hangouts at night. The aluminum casing adds more durability so that you can feel secure knowing that these lights will last.


  • Colorful for style and look
  • Innovative technology a plus
  • Durable and water proof
  • Easy to install


  • Installation instructions can be difficult to follow
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