Liste der Besten 12 Bestes Motorrad-GPS

Motorrad-GPS-Geräte sind heute so wichtig wie Ihre Bremsstangen. Verlassen Sie das Haus nicht ohne einen!


Diese sind ein Muss, ob Sie eine Weltreise unternehmen, eine Wochenendpause erleben, oder nur auf einer Tagesfahrt. Das Letzte, was Sie sein möchten, ist auf deiner Reise völlig verloren (an excellent way to spoil an otherwise good day).


It’s hard to use a smart device when you’re riding your motorbike; that’s why many individuals opt for navigation systems tailored especially for motorcyclists.


Our buyer’s guide will certainly direct you in choosing the very best motorcycle GPS device available on the market so you can reach your destination safely.


What Traits To Consider When Buying A Moto GPS System


Grundsätzlich, every modern motorcycle-specific GPS operates in the same fundamental manner and serves the same main feature. That said, some finer points divide the various moto GPS available.


Below, we’ll discuss several of the more pivotal elements to think about when purchasing a motorcycle GPS navigator.


Durability: The most significant factor dividing purpose-built moto GPS systems from handlebar-mounted smartphones is the former’s enormous level of resilience. Made to be exposed to the harsh elements, motorcycle GPS navigators usually boast extremely tough construction with durable scores for effect, dirt and dust resistance, and weatherproofing. Typically, bringing in mil-spec certification, many of today’s systems can also run in extreme temperatures.


Sensing units: A GPS’s capacity to execute precise tracking ultimately boils down to the device’s onboard equipment and sensors. Pretty much every system will include a GPS sensing unit, but the more premium and advanced designs are also bestowed with GLONASS and Galileo sensors for mapping, as well as electronic compasses and barometric altimeters for detecting elevation, pressure, and many similar metrics. These things will additionally affect a system’s ability to relay 3D photos, satellite images, or topographic maps.


Supplementary Connection: In addition to displaying maps as well as instructions via satellites link (or pre-loaded maps), several of the extra expensive motorcycle GPSavailable are able to connect to a bike’s sensors to pass on real-time engine temperature, (GPS-tracked) speed (or distance), battery voltage, tire pressure, and also engine RPM.


Power Source: This factor, even though frequently neglected, is the main essential. Some GPS systems include onboard batteries that give an extended life-span, while various other systems feature sources of power that are hardwired to a motorcycle’s battery. Both kinds have their very own strengths as well as weaknesses’. Even though the hardwired ones are normally considered a premium option for off-road, the off-grid riding battery-powered gadgets tend to be extra resilient in off-roading.


Onboard Extras: Along with being considerably the least prone to wear and tear and the least complicated to see and use, modern-day moto GPS systems, very best selling-points is the wide variety of extra features baked into the navigation device. While various designs are outfitted with multiple extras, several of the better and also notable amenities consist of GPS pet monitoring, team motorcycle monitoring, two-way or radio messaging, onboard SOS beacons, integrated cams, access to live weather reports, as well as connectivity to smart device applications.


Pre-loaded maps: The very best motorcycle GPS systems will certainly have preloaded maps of the United States, allowing you to make use of the gadget right after setting up. Many will also enable you to download maps of Canada and Mexico. Some have a port for an SD card so that you can add a lot more maps. Pre-loaded maps are crucial because they can help navigate places that don’t have a good signal. Lifetime map updates are an added benefit.


Glove-friendly touch screen: The touchscreen display must respond quickly to your touch even when you’ve put on your gloves. This is a crucial function since you don’t want to stop the bike and take off your gloves every time you need to use your GPS.


Types of Motorcycle GPS




A standard motorbike GPS tool includes all the necessities you require for many years of riding experience.


The very best ones are resilient as well as functional in all kinds of weather conditions.


They are Bluetooth compatible and have a selection of features that make the riding experience more satisfying.


Portable devices consist of many of the same functions yet can also be used off the bike (on hikes, for instance). They tend to be smaller-sized and have smaller screens.


Top Brands




A team of engineers founded Garmin in 1989.


The firm, headquartered in Olathe, Kan, produces automotive, aviation, marine, fitness, exterior entertainment, and wireless appliances and is the world leader in GPS navigating innovation.


One of their top products is the Garmin Zumo 595LM.




TomTom was established in 1991, and even though it operates in more than 30 countries its headquarters are still situated in Amsterdam, where it was originally founded.


Their main focus is on linked cars, smart mobility, und, in the future, independent driving.


One popular item is the TomTom Biker 550 Motorcycle GPS Navigating Gadget.


Price of Motorbike GPS


Under $300: Some GPS devices do fall in this price category, however these models won’t have as many functions as the more expensive brands and may prove challenging to operate.


Über $300: Good-quality motorbike GPS navigating systems are not cheap. Expect to invest several hundred dollars for a trustworthy, resilient device. Pricier brands will have advanced functions and also be extra reliable.


Liste der Besten 12 Bestes Motorrad-GPS


PhotoBrandModelSpecial FeaturesDetails
GarminZumo 595LM1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)Auf Amazon ansehen
TomTomRider 5501 A batteries required. (included)
Auf Amazon ansehen
MagellanTRX7 CS Dual Mount Trail and Street GPS Navigator1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)Auf Amazon ansehen
GarminZumo 396 LMT-S1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)Auf Amazon ansehen
GarminZūmo XT1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Auf Amazon ansehen
GarminDrive 501 CR123A batteries required. (included)Auf Amazon ansehen
Trail TechVoyager Pro 922-111Buddy Tracking, 4″ Color Touch Screen, GPS, Tach Gauge, Speedometer, Temp Gauge, Volt MeterAuf Amazon ansehen
GarminMontana 750i1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)Auf Amazon ansehen
GarminBMW NAVIGATOR VI1 Lithium ion batteries required.Auf Amazon ansehen
XgodyGPS Navigation for Car Truck GPS Navigation System 20201 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)Auf Amazon ansehen
Garmin5 im. GPS NavigatorWirelessAuf Amazon ansehen
BeelineMoto1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)Auf Amazon ansehen

Top 12 Best Motorcycle GPS Review 2021


1. Garmin Zumo 595LM

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This gadget has a 5-inch, dual-orientation touchscreen display and a sturdy design for rough weather conditions.


It can be used with gloves and has a feature to browse winding hilly roads.


The device displays alerts for sharp curves, speed cameras, state helmet laws, etc.


Hands-free-calling is offered using Bluetooth with a compatible safety helmet or headset and you can manage the music of your MP3 player or your smart device after pairing it with this GPS device, as well.


It’s precisely and sturdily constructed.


The display is nice and large, the screen is simple to visualize at freeway speeds, and it’s also water-resistant, so it holds up well in hefty downpours.


The verbal guidelines are straightforward to follow, and the system runs in either vehicle or motorcycle mode.


You can make a customized route, factor in automatic gas exits based on just how much you can hop on a container and the device can even measure your tire pressure.


One problem is that the display may be unusable in bright sunlight. Likewise, the Bluetooth sound may be a bit scratchy and quiet and it simply does not have a long battery life.


There have also been some problems with updating the maps. Additionally, many of the applications are not complementary to other gadgets and can access your mobile phone data.



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Tipping up to our first modern-day touchscreen item, we have the TomTom Rider 550.


Powered by a Quad-Core processor, the Rider 550 can receive firmware updates through a wifi connection, is IPX7-rated, and works with Siri and Google Now, along with hands-free mode for calls.


The system’s 4.3display offers light and heavy hand gloves settings and displays SMS messages and various other push notifications from your smartphone, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity.


The system runs on a Lithium-ion battery and boasts 16GB of internal memory and pre-loaded map pack that contains in-depth roadways and info of the entire United States and Canada.


Furthermore, the Motorcyclist 550 deals with live website traffic records and can even notify you if you’re approaching a speed camera.


Its coolest attribute, nonetheless, is unquestionably the GPS’s capability to let you explore or choose a route based on its hilliness, windiness, or degree of trouble.



Check Best Price On Amazon

Integrating the most useful aspects from both off-road and on-road GPS units, Magellan’s TRX7 CS is an IP67-rated product with a generously-sized 7touchscreen.


The device provides turn-by-turn navigation for paved public roadways and dust paths.


It comes pre-loaded with more than 115,000 off-road trails, plus high-resolution 2D topographical and 3D mapping of America and Canada.


Furthering its off-road functionality is the ability to establish off-grid and path waypoints and a searchable path and off-road points of interest.


Thanks to the GPS’s precision, this tool will signal if you begin to drift off of the desired course.


You can also track and record your own trips or scroll through routes and tracks that various other Magellan off-road GPS proprietors have submitted.


The CS-spec TRX7’s most significant update over its predecessor is probably the addition of a built-in 5MP camera with an incorporated as well as a fully-functional LED flashlight.


Lastly, this GPS system is also marketed with twin installations from the market leader, RAM Mounts that flaunts a quick-release charging cradle.


4. Garmin Zumo 396 LMT-S, Motorbike GPS

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This glove-friendly tool has a sunlight-readable 4.3-inch display. It’s resistant to sustained vapors, UV rays, as well as harsh weather conditions.


It enables hands-free calling, wise alerts, and GPX document sharing for team rides.


You can manage songs from your mobile phone, gain access to totally free online solutions for traffic and weather conditions, and utilize its riding attribute to locate curved or hilly roads.


It’s easy to set up, easy to use, and includes everything you require, consisting of 2 different mounts.


It’s straightforward to set up as well as browse the screen while having hand gloves on. It has excellent visibility. The touchscreen works well for a water-proof version, and it’s slim and light yet feels strong. It also recalculates paths swiftly as well as has plenty of internal storage space.


There have been some issues concerning the software, Basecamp, which can be puzzling sometimes.


Additionally, the screen may be ineffective in direct sunlight.


On top of that, it’s not as intuitive as some other smartphone GPS applications are, and connectivity with various other tools is inconsistent.



Check Best Price On Amazon

First revealed in March of 2020, the Garmin zūmo XT is a sophisticated moto GPS that’s portable, wearable, as well as feature-laden.


Live website traffic records, a database of pre-loaded Tripadvisor-recommended neighborhood attractions and remarkable sites, Birdseye satellite view, and campground network checklist; on and off-road topographic maps can all be viewed on the gadget’s glove-compatible 5.5TFT touchscreen that can be read even under bright sunlight.


Despite tipping the ranges at just 9.2 ozs, this moto device is exceptionally durable, with an IPX7 rating for water-resistance and a tough MIL-STD-810 qualification for degradation and also influence testing.


The system’s battery lasts for 6 hrs before requiring a charge, und, like EatSleepRIDE’s CrashLight service, the zūmo XT is furnished with a collision recovery system that can alert a preprogrammed contact if you crash or are unresponsive.


You can also have spoken turn-by-turn instructions, listen to music from your smartphones, preload some into the Garmin tool, and use voice commands to operate the GPS system.


6. Garmin Drive 50 USA LM GPS Navigator System with LifeTime Maps

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The Garmin DriveSmart GPS features whatever you require to navigate while riding your motorcycle.


It has a brilliant and huge 6.95-inch capacitive touch display screen.


The images are crisp with a display resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. It includes topographic maps of the USA and comes with lifetime updates.


The rechargeable lithium battery lasts for as much as an hour.


One function you’ll like while riding is the live web traffic as well as auto parking updates.


This lets you know precisely what the road conditions are when out on your bike.


This GPS can also connect to your smart device with Bluetooth.


The biggest problem with this GPS is that the battery only lasts for about an hour.


If you don’t have the means of connecting the system right to your bike, this is no way near long enough for a good-day-ride.


It can also be discouraging sometimes when trying to get directions, it can take you through weird loops and turns that are entirely unnecessary.



Check Best Price On Amazon


There’s a really long list of more appreciable names in the off-road and touring bike category than Trail Tech.


Das letzte Geschenk, über das wir sprechen werden, ist ein tragbarer Kocher – etwas, das es sicherlich kann, with insanely durable and highly-innovative products like the brand-new Voyager Pro Package, it isn’t difficult to see why.


Lugging a glove-friendly 4TFT display, the Voyager Pro utilizes Bluetooth connectivity to enable intercom, phone, and media playback controls.


Simultaneously, its connection to a bike’s lorry sensing units allows you to use the GPS device as the primary screen to show speed, RPM, gear placement, engine temperature, and so on.


Additional kits available permit the tracking of various other components like tire pressure monitoring systems.


Another defining function of the Voyager Pro is its exclusive Friend Tracking function that uses a color-coded (as well as named) system to monitor the real-time area of as many as 20 riders on your gadget, so no one ever mistakenly gets divided from the pack.


Alongside having IP67 rating, this device is also safeguarded by a one-year factory warranty.



Check Best Price On Amazon


Garmin’s Montana 750i is one part activity cam, one part component spot beacon, and one part off-road moto GPS systeman ultra-precise and feature-rich off-grid gadget with an integrated 8MP dashcam.


Geared up with a 5glove-friendly touchscreen, the Montana 750i fulfills MIL-STD 810 requirements for thermal, shock, resistance, and water and flaunts advanced navigation sensing units, two-way messaging using a 100% international Iridium satellite network, and multi-GNSS function, therefore, giving access to all 3 satellite networksGPS, GLONASS, as well as GALILEO.


Its hugely powerful battery lasts for up to 330 hours of usage in exploration settings and as long as 18 hours while in energetic GPS settings.


In addition to featuring InReach modern technology, this tool can send and receive Interactive SOS informs.


Your $800 MSRP gives you pet tracking capability, customizable and downloadable watch deals with live weather reports, topographical satellite data, as well as public land limit maps.


It’s not cheap, but its enormous suite of attributes and functionality allows it to function as various other tools, offering it a far better bang for the buck.



Check Best Price On Amazon

Produced by Garmin specifically for BMW Motorrad, the Navigator VI is the current state-of-the-art factory GPS add-on for the Bavarian brand’s big-bore experience and touring bike models.


The GPS sports an advanced circular polarization filter that widely minimizes glare and enhances contrast ratio and connects to the late versions of BMW bikes, allowing it to be controlled using the handlebar-mounted switchgear switches.


The device comes pre-loaded with North American or European map choices and can get complimentary updates if linked to wifi.


The device includes 16GB onboard internal memory and comes with a Micro-SD card slot for SDXC cards as large as 64GB.


In addition to regular GPS guidance, the Navigator VI includes filters such asAvoid Major RoadblockorWinding Roadwaysand allows you to choose round trip journeys. LIKEWISE, this BMW GPS system is sold with a four-button billing cradle installed, though the Navigator VI suits its V-spec predecessor’s very same billing cradle.


The German brand also provides an optional Smartphone Link upgrade that makes it possible for the tool to pass on current weather conditions and traffic reports.


10. Xgody GPS Navigation for Automobile Truck Drivers 7-inch Touch Screen

<<p style="text-align: center;">Check Best Price On Amazon


When you buy this GPS, it comes pre-installed with maps and over 10 million sights.


You’ll have maps for numerous countries, consisting of the USA, Mexico, as well as lots of South American countries. You can download more if you want.


A huge 7-inch display presents the instructions and map view, while a sunshade ensures you’ll be able to see it even in broad daylight.


Various other beneficial information presented on the screen includes the speed limit, tolls, and low bridges.


Driving with this GPS is less complicated, thanks to the voice navigation.


You can choose from several voices that offer you turn-by-turn directions.


The innovative lane assistance is also a nice attribute that shows you specifically what lane you should be in. This makes riding more secure when you are on unknown roadways.


One drawback to this GPS is that it isn’t specifically designed for motorcycle use. While this shouldn’t be a problem most of the time, it can trigger some troubles on particular roads that are terrific for bikes.


The whole system makes use of a suction cup to place, which may not do well considering that it’s meant to be used in a lorry or a car and not on a bike windscreen.


11. Garmin 5.0 In. GPS Navigator with U.S. Protection and LifeTime Maps

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This Garmin includes a 5-inch double alignment touchscreen display. It’s ready to be used out-of-the-box with maps for 49 states pre-loaded.


To use the GPS, you’ll input your destination into the search box.


It can promptly locate all addresses and points of interest. As soon as you select a location, a voice-over will give you turn-by-turn instructions.


If you desire to travel around the country, this system is the best option since it’s unaffected by cellular phone dead zones. This is because it doesn’t rely on cellular signals to work.


You’ll have the small features that make this system a lot more handy, such as the distinct and aesthetic alerts when coming close to a college area.


Sadly, the touchscreen isn’t too responsive. This can cause having to make several touches to recognize a touch command of your choice.


You may additionally discover updating the maps to be a frustration. While this device features lifetime upgraded map downloads, the maps themselves are sluggish to update.


This means you’re collaborating with outdated details, even if you upgrade your unit regularly.



Check Best Price On Amazon


Originally born out of a very effective crowdfunding project on Kickstarter that achieved 600% of its initial funding objective, Beeline is marketed as a contemporary innovative moto GPS system.


Instead of your typical GPS setup, Beeline utilizes an incredibly straightforward, easy-to-use, and intuitive arrowhead assistance system that shows the current direction of travel, while a dot on the round display indicates the instructions of the following turn and the distance to the said turn.


On top of its unique take on turn-by-turn navigation, this smart gizmo also provides the alternative of running a compass mode that shows your location’s directional bearing and your real-time distance from it.


Offered in black, silver, or gunmetal grey housings, Beeline effortlessly connects to an included global elastic band mount and comes with an addedSticky Pad Modular Mount.


The device couples with a smart device app that lets you document and/or examine your trips, share rides, or search for various other user-uploaded rides in your location.


IP67-rated and also greatly shockproof, Beeline likewise loads a potent USB-rechargeable battery pack that manages 30 hrs of use on a single charge.


Final Thoughts


Our pick for the very best motorbike GPS is the Garmin Zumo 595LM.


It has a large, easy-to-read touchscreen, you can use it with hand gloves, and also it can be programmed to find the best curved and hilly paths.


It’s water-resistant and easily pairs with Bluetooth-compatible devices.


It also monitors tire pressure and informs you of the upcoming speed cameras and sharp corners.


For a more economical alternative, think about the Xgody GPS Navigation for Automobile Truck Drivers 7-inch Touch Screen.


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