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Fuel filters Duramax – Buyer Guide

The fuel filter is an important structural element of an internal combustion engine, proper operation directly affects the functioning of the entire vehicle. The main purpose of these filters is to prevent the penetration of impurities and abrasive resins, formed by chemical reactions, in the fuel line and the combustion chamber.

Nevertheless, diesel fuel has a high paraffin content, which crystallizes at negative temperatures.

Then enters the injection system along with fuel.

If the cause is a blockage in the fuel filter, these faults usually can be arranged with simple maintenance.

The explosion is a difficult situation, as the raw fuel can disrupt the operation of the injectors and the entire injection system. But when high-quality filters are used this does not happen.

A maximum level providing cleaning fuel, High quality filters provide optimum power to the motor and protect the injection system and corrosion damage. The following fuel filters listed below are highly efficient.

List of top fuel filters Duramax:

Product imageProduct namefitMore information
filter for Duramax ACDelco TP3018 It conforms to the Duramax engines Check Now
best filter for Duramax Baldwin BF9882 Chevrolet, GMC Light-Duty Camiones, Trucks 6.6L Turbo Diesel Engine; Chevrolet, General Motors Trucks Check Now
Duramax engine filter Parfit PFF50216 2001-2016 CHEVY/GMC 6.6L DURAMAX Diésel Check Now

Main compounds filter elements distinctive of diesel engines are but a shield that effectively blocks access to the penetration of water into the combustion chamber of the engine.

TOP revised Duramax fuel filters

filter ACDelco TP3018 for Duramax
ACDelco TP3018

ACDelco TP3018

ACDelco provides the performance and reliability you expect. These high-quality filters for the aftermarket are essential for your engine. This is their durability that ensures no leakage for a long time.

Adjustment, perfect form and function. Great to keep clean diesel fuel. Expect the best and get it!

Baldwin BF9882
Baldwin BF9882

Baldwin BF9882

Quality control and cost is everything to Baldwin. These heavy duty filters match multiple base fuel and eliminate 99% emulsified droplets of water without loss of pressure using one of the best filters available for reserve fuel system. They are able to drain all water from your fuel system quickly and easily.

When it comes to coverage, Baldwin Filters provides the widest range of fuel filters heavy-duty industry. Protect sensitive components of the fuel system (injection pumps, injectors) against the water, fungi and bacteria, precipitates, particles and wax.

Parfit PFF50216 filter for Duramax engine review
Parfit PFF50216

Parfit PFF50216

With these genuine fuel filters coalescing direct replacement, the highest efficiency of removal of water and particles is obtained all the liquid is captured in the water sump and preventing it from escaping from the filter. The unique design of the can is tested to withstand impact and deformation of the seal.

You will not need any expensive repair for a service life up to twice that of standard filters.

How to choose the fuel filter for a diesel engine?

Fuel filters for diesel engines have a more complex structure, for example, carburettor engines or injection. The diesel engine is very capricious as to the quality and degree of purification of the mixture of fuel.

Thus, diesel fuel passes 3 purification steps: in the tank, in the primary fuel filter and the fine filter. By the way, basically, when you wonder when to change the filter, you look at the manual. Almost all vehicle manufacturers indicate “after 30 thousand kilometers”.

And we're not talking about plastic filters, Of course.

If the car has lost power and agility, and fuel consumption has increased dramatically, then it is time to change the filter.

The filter should be neither better nor worse than strictly meets the parameters of the engine. First, Of course, You should pay attention to quality. At present, the market is full of all kinds of suggestions. With similar properties indicated, the price may differ times x10. But do not give in to temptation cheap.

Here are the main features that you should pay attention to choosing the filter: capacity, power the heating element, filtration quality, allowable pressure and dimensions.

For the vehicle to run smoothly, all these parameters must be adapted to the characteristics of the feed system of the engine.

You should also pay attention to the following:

  • Maker. Opting for high quality brands exclusively
  • Appearance. In the housing of the filter, You can find the code, engraving or stamping, the logo, and the number of article / product
  • The price. The price will never fall well below the level calculated, so pay attention to discounts (discounts of 35% They are very rare)
  • together. A manufacturer uses sealing elements virtually unreactive to fuel activity. The shape of the seals should be appropriate.
  • Strength and quality of the filter element. If selected a filter insert, its quality can be determined independently. The filter material is dense and rigid, and at the same time, diesel fuel passes through the well, eliminating excessive pump pressure
  • packaging. Manufacturer spends serious money not only in the product but also in its packaging. The company logo and name are the first to reach your eyes. Secondly, the seal itself must be of high quality
  • In third place, design, usually, It should be catchy and memorable; you will not find the original filter in some ordinary white boxes
  • Build quality. All parts are well assembled or glued (if required). As usual, the filters are not separable and consists of a body and inner filter material.
  • Metalworking. The equipment used in official factories can process fine metal. You will have no scratch, chips or burrs.
  • Finesse filtration. A parameter that determines the size of the fraction is ensured that the insert is retained to the filter. For a diesel vehicle, this value is 5 microns, for gasoline – about 10
  • The degree of purification guaranteed. It is measured in percentage and shows the number of elements that contain the filter. For the best models, this parameter is around the 98-99%
  • Modern filters retain any contaminant with a size not less than 5 microns. As higher the cost of the filter, the better the filtering

When choosing, one should focus on the engine brand and technical parameters: external and internal diameter, diameters of the inlet and outlet connections, and overall dimensions of the body frame. When buying, you should pay attention to the completeness of the filter: many manufacturers add 0-rings, which are totally not superfluous when replacing the filter.

Filters for diesel fuel are required to remain effective at below 0C temperatures. Paraffin crystallizes in a diesel engine, clogging the usual filter. Often found on sale special filters control the temperature of the incoming fuel.

Despite the excellent quality and timely replacement of filters, it is better to monitor the quality of fuel and refuel at proven gas stations only.

Also, the elementary presence of water and mechanical impurities in the fuel are destructive. Therefore, we advise you to install fuel filters of high-quality manufacturers to avoid any unpleasant surprises during driving.

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