License Plate Screw Size Chart for Most Popular Car Models

License Plate Screw Size Chart for Most Popular Car Models

If you need to replace a missing or worn license plate bolt, it is important to know what size will fit your car or truck. What size license plate screw fits your vehicle?

The standard license plate screw size for most makes of automobiles is 1/4-14-3/4 inches. These are self-tapping screws that can fit most vehicles equipped with nylon or plastic screw retainers..

License Plate Screw Size Chart for Most Popular Car Models

Vehicles equipped with threaded metal holes use a different type of license plate screw. The types and sizes of these screws also vary depending on the make or model of car..

In this article, I am going to list the sizes of the standard license plate screws for different vehicle models, including Acura, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, Ford F-150, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Jeep, Come on, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Pontiac, Porsche, Ram, Subaru, Suzuki, Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo.

Read on to learn more about standard license plate screw sizes and the different types of license plate screws for cars and trucks..

To make sure these bolts fit your vehicle, you can search the reviews or amazon search to see if others use this screw with their car. If that is not the case, read on for recommended bolts for the most popular vehicle brands.

License Plate Screw Size Chart

Below are the license plate screw sizes for various popular car brands:

Car BrandStandard License Plate Screw Size
AcuraM6 x 16mm
AudiM6-1.0 x 16mm
BMWM4.8 x 16mm
CadillacM6-1.0 x 16mm
Chevrolet#14 x 3/4″
Ford1/4″ x 3/4″
Ford F-1501/4-14×3/4
GM#14 1/4″ x 3/4″
HyundaiM6 x 1.0 x 16-25mm
Jeep#12 x 3/4″
Come onM6 x 1.0 x 16-25mm
Lexus6.3mm x 25mm
MazdaM6 14-20mm
Mercedes Benz6mm x 12mm
MitsubishiM6 x 1.0 x 10mm
PontiacM6-1.0 x 16mm
Ram Truck1/4-14-3/4”
Subaru1/4″ x 3/4″
Suzuki#14 1/4″ x 3/4″
TeslaM5-0.8 X 8mm
ToyotaM6-1.0 x 25mm
VolkswagenM6-1.0 x 16mm
VolvoM6-1.0 x 16mm

The standard size for Acura license plate bolts is M6 x 16mm..

The standard size for Audi license plate bolts is M6-1.0 x 16mm..

The standard size for BMW license plate bolts is M4.8 x 16mm.. Can be as short as 8mm or as long as 12mm.

Standard Cadillac license plate bolt size is M6-1.0 x 16mm.

Chevrolet standard plate bolt size is #14 x 3/4″. You could go as short as 8mm or as long as 12mm.

The standard plate screw size for most Chrysler vehicles is 1/4-14×3/4.

The standard plate screw size for Ford vehicles is 1/4″ x 3/4″.

Ford F-150
The standard plate bolt size for Ford F-150 trucks is 1/4-14-5/8 inch (1/4 inch diameter threaded, 14 threads, 5/8 inch length). An example of this bolt for the Ford F-150 is the SNUG Fastener Stainless Steel Bolt.

These are stainless steel screws with slotted hex heads that you can easily fasten using a socket wrench. 3/8 inch or flat head screwdriver.

Will fit Ford F-150 license plates and most domestic trucks and cars that use nylon or plastic mounts. A guarantee of 100% supports its non-corrosion characteristic.

The standard license plate screw size for most GM vehicles is #14 1/4″ x 3/4″. This bolt fits most General Motors vehicles.

For Honda car and truck models, plate screw size is M6-1.0 x 20mm or 1/4-14-3/4″. Below are the bolts that fit your Honda vehicle.

These screws are made from galvanized stainless steel and finished in black., making them rust resistant and durable.

They do not require nylon inserts, and they also come with a universal fit. They have a length of 3/4 inch and a diameter of 1/4 inch. These screws fit most cars, domestic and imported trucks and motorcycles.

The standard license plate bolt size for Hyundai vehicles is M6 x 1.0 x 16-25mm.

Standard plate screw size for Jeep is 1/4-14-3/4″.

Come on
If you have a Kia vehicle, the standard size of the license plate screws is M6 x 1.0 x 16-25mm.

The standard license plate screw size for Lexus vehicles is 6,3 mm X25 mm.

If you have a Mazda like the Mazda 3, 6, CX-5, etc., standard plate screw size is M6 14-20mm.

Mercedes Benz
Standard Mercedes Benz license plate screw size is 6mm x 12mm.

The standard size of license plate bolts for most Mitsubishi car models is M6 x 1.0 x 10mm. Some Mitsubishi vehicles may also accept a 16mm extended bolt.

The correct size of the Nissan license plate screw is 1/4-14-3/4 inches. I also recommend Revolution Steel Screws for Nissan Vehicle License Plates.

Standard plate bolt size for Pontiac vehicles is M6-1.0 x 16mm.

The standard size for Porsche license plate screws is 1/4-14-3/4 inches.

ram truck
The standard size for RAM truck license plate screws is 1/4-14-3/4 inches. A reliable sized screw that will fit any RAM truck is the Ottospeed Rustproof License Plate Screws..

These are marine grade stainless steel bolts 316 100% oxidation resistant. They are more durable and corrosion resistant due to their patented black plating.

Its standard size 1/4-14-3/4 with a hexagonal head 3/8 of inch makes them compatible with most vehicles that use nylon/plastic screw retainers. You can use them as upgrades to the less durable bolts supplied by the car dealer.

Standard screw size for Subaru license plates is 1/4″ x 3/4″.

The standard size for Suzuki license plate bolts is #14 1/4″ x 3/4″.

The standard size of Tesla license plate screws is M5-0.8 X 8mm.

The standard license plate screw size for Toyota is M6 1 x 0,5 x 0,5 inches. An example of this Toyota car or truck license plate screw is the RSD Never Rust OE Style screws..

These stainless steel screws fit the license plates of most Toyota models.. One package includes two standard rear license plate screws and two self-tapping screws for front license plate.

If you have previously fastened or drilled your front bumper with a larger screw, you may need to add or use a plastic anchor to hold these screws.

The standard size of license plate bolts for most Volkswagen vehicles is M6-1.0 x 16mm..

The standard size of the license plate screw for Volvo is M6-1.0 x 16mm.

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