Best oil for Toyota

Engine oil for Toyota Corolla

In the Toyota Corolla E120 engine (E12), that occurred since 2000 until 2008, pour synthetic or semi-synthetic oil, but in most cases it is a synthetic oil.

What kind of oil to fill

In a question what is better to pour oil in Toyota Corolla engine 120 - it will never be an unequivocal and universal answer, since when selecting engine oil it is worth considering a number of conditions related to the operation of your car.

Toyota Corolla E120 is not a new car, and you can hardly get a car without mileage and in a package at least from 2007. Thus, the manufacturer recommends 0W-20 oil / 0W-30 is not going to work, and most Corolla owners with the mileage, pour 5W-30 oil, 5W-40 or semi-synthetic 10W-30 - depending on the conditions in which the car exploited.

It is worth remembering that the use of 10W30 oil at low temperatures, may encounter problems starting the engine, so at atmospheric temperatures of -20 a +50 Grades Best Choice for Toyota Corolla Engine 120 will be motor oil - 5W30. This oil is the most popular and contributes to fuel economy and good engine starting in cold weather, but in some cases it is not always relevant.

Why not always? Because before buying oil, the first factor to consider is the mileage. For used cars and cars with high mileage (100 000 km and more) it is recommended to fill the oil with a higher viscosity, without increasing the "winter" limits. Friction wears out parts and clearances increase over time, and thicker oil creates a thicker film. Thus, In most cases the best option will be 5W40 or 0W40 low consumption synthetic oil. It should also be noted that 5W-40 is an excellent oil for a chain engine.

In warm areas (not below -18 degrees of freezing) in the absence of high quality 5B40, can use 15W40 and 20W50 general purpose oils

The second factor of choice should also be taken into account: the weather. While for Toyota Corolla 120, the operation of which is carried out in a hot climate zone - recommended oil 5W-40, happy Toyota owners, who use the car in a cold climate area oil viscosity should be reduced. The optimal choice will be 0W-20 or 0W-30 motor oil.

With these oils, the motor runs quieter, no starting problems in cold weather, and as the manufacturer claims fuel consumption is reduced, though the flow - this is for each individual case.

When choosing an oil for use in the northern regions or during seasonal changes, you must consider two things: oil 0W20:

  • More liquid, which can lead to gasket leakage;
  • The operating range is -40 a +15 Celsius degrees. And like oil for all seasons, not recommended if the ambient temperature in your region is higher than +15 in summer;
  • It is best suited as an all-season product for engines with mileage up to 100.000 km and a temperature in the operating range;

If the correct oil is not used for the conditions, the engine overheats and the life of the components associated with the engine cooling system is reduced.

The best and most rational choice for cold climates would be 0W30 oil. (Of course, if available) which has a wider operating range - from -40 a +30 degrees. Most importantly, this oil does not cause unnecessary engine overheating problems, which comes in handy when driving long distances frequently.

Engine overheating contributes to untimely replacement of oil seals. As in most cases they are made of polyurethane, they do not "tolerate" high temperatures

Gasoline engines

motor oil selection for 2NZ-FE gasoline engines, 1NZ-FE, 1ZZ-FE of Toyota Corolla E120 body based on air temperature

Temperature range for 4ZZ-FE engines, 3ZZ-FE, 1ND-TV, 1CD-FTV

2ZZ-GE Engine Recommended Oil Operating Temperature Range

Diesel engines

3C-E Corolla E120 Diesel Engine Oil


When changing the oil in a Toyota Corolla 120, it is recommended to respect the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer, SAE ratings and tolerances. An oil not inferior to API SJ must be used, SL o SM (in plastic) o API SN (in iron boat).

It is recommended to change the semi-synthetic oil for the Toyota Corolla E120 with SN tolerance every ~ 6-7 000 km, fully synthetic SM and SL oil can be changed to the 10 000 km under moderate loads


You don't have to count the kilometers and the time to change the engine oil, especially if you make daily trips. Periodically it is recommended to check the oil level, how to do it is more detailed on the page - how to change the oil on Toyota Corolla E120.

Although the manufacturer recommends changing the engine oil of the Toyota Corolla E120 every 10.000 km of mileage or once a year, The thing that happens first. Nevertheless, it is necessary to consider the condition of the engine, the driving style / shape and it is also important where the car is mainly used: on the highway or in city traffic and a climate zone. Thus, We recommend changing the oil in the mileage of 5000 a 7500 km, which positively influences the reliability and longevity of the power unit operation, either a gasoline or diesel engine.

When working in dusty conditions, when towing a trailer or using a roof rack, on short trips of less than 8 km and in long periods of low engine revs over long distances, the engine oil and filter change interval is shorter and amounts to 5000 km every 6 months


The most optimal oil drain interval is engine hours: 250 engine hours for heavy loads (mainly urban traffic) Y 320 engine hours for light loads (highway).


When it's time to change the oil, the question is how many liters of oil to add. The answer to this question depends on the engine installed under the hood of your Toyota Corolla.

Below is a list of the entire Toyota Corolla model range 120 with a list of engines, and the required oil fill volumes when changing.

Body numberMotorModel / VolumeOil capacity, liters
Gasoline engines (API SJ..SL engine oil classification / ILSAC GF-3)
NZE120, NZE124 (4WD)2NZ-FE1.3i/1.33.7
NZE121, ZZE124 (4WD)1NZ-FE1.5i/1.53.7
ZZE122ZZ-GE1.8and VVTL-i / 1.84.4
Diesel engines (API CD oil classification, CF..CF-4 / ACEA B1, ILSAC GF-3)
NDE121ND-TV1.4 D4-D/1.44.3
CE1213THERE IS2.2d/2.25.1

It is also worth considering that ~ 0.5 liters of oil goes in addition to the Toyota Corolla oil filter.

Recommendations are current for the Corolla E120, but the engines mentioned above, which depending on the year of release were also installed in other modifications, Thus, all recommendations are current not only for the Corolla, but also for other models with the same engine. The model list is as follows (models for European markets are listed, American and Japanese):

ModelMotor & VolumeYear of production
Allex E1201NZ 1.5/1ZZ 1.8/2ZZ 1.82001-2006
Allion T2401NZ 1.5/1ZZ 1.82001-2007
Allion T2601NZ 1.5from 2007
Auris E1504ZZ 1.4/1NZ 1.5/1ND 1.42006-2012
Auris E1801NZ 1.5/1ND 1.42012-2018
Avensis T2203ZZ 1.6/1ZZ 1.8/1CD 2.01997-2003
Avensis T2501ZZ 1.82003-2009
Avensis Verso1CD 2.02001-2009
Belta XP902NZ 1.32005-2012
bB NCP302NZ 1.3/1NZ 1.52000-2005
Caldina T1903THERE IS 2.21992-2002
Caldina T2401ZZ 1.82002-2007
Celica T2301ZZ 1.8 / 2ZZ 1.81999-2006
Corolla E1003THERE IS 2.21991-2000
Corolla E1104ZZ 1.4/3ZZ 1.6/1ZZ 1.8/1CD 2.01997-2001
Corolla E1504ZZ 1.4/1ND 1.42006-2013
Corolla E1801ND 1.42016-2019
Corolla Axio E140, E1601NZ 1.5from 2006
Corolla Fielder E1201NZ 1.5 / 3C-E 2.22000-2006
Corolla Fielder E140, E1601NZ 1.5/2ZZ 1.8from 2000
Corolla Rumion E1501NZ 1.52007-2015
Corolla Runx E1201NZ 1.5/1ZZ 1.8/2ZZ 1.82001-2006
Corolla Spacio E1201NZ 1.5/1ZZ 1.82001-2007
Corolla Towards E121, R101ZZ 1.82004-2009
Echo XP101NZ 1.51999-2002
Funcargo XP202NZ 1.3/1NZ 1.51999-2005
Isis XM101ZZ 1.82004-2009
is XP60, XP1102NZ 1.3/1NZ 1.52002-2016
Lite Ace (Town Ace) R40 / R503THERE IS 2.21996-2007
Matrix E1301ZZ 1.82002-2007
MR-S W301ZZ 1.81999-2007
Grandpa XT101ZZ 1.82000-2005
Place XP102NZ 1.3/1NZ 1.51999-2005
NP10 gate2NZ 1.32004-2012
NP140 gate1NZ 1.5from 2004
T240 Award, T2601NZ 1.5/1ZZ 1.8from 2001
Probox XP50, XP1602NZ 1.3/1NZ 1.5/1ND-TV 1.4from 2002
Ractis P100/P1201NZ 1.52005-2016
Room Z201NZ 1.52003-2011
RAV4 XA201ZZ 1.8 / 1CD 2.02000-2005
Feel NCP80, XP1701NZ 1.5from 2003
Spade NP1401NZ 1.5from 2012
Sprinter E100, E1103THERE IS 2.21995-2002
Succeed XP50, XP1601NZ 1.5/1ND 1.4from 2002
Town Ace R403THERE IS 2.21996-2008
Vista / Vista Ardeo V501ZZ 1.81998-2003
Vitz XP102NZ 1.3/1NZ 1.51999-2005
Vitz XP90, XP1301NZ 1.5from 2005
Voltz E130 (Pontiac Vibe)1ZZ 1.8 / 2ZZ 1.82002-2004
WiLL Cypha XP702NZ 1.3/1NZ 1.52002-2005
WiLL Vi XP102NZ 1.32000-2001
WiLL VS XE1201NZ 1.5/1ZZ 1.8/2ZZ 1.82001-2004
Wish XE101ZZ 1.82003-2009
Yaris XP10, XP90, XP1301NZ 1.5/1ND-TV 1.4from 1999

Original vs. non-original

What is the best motor oil to fill the Corolla 120, Genuine Toyota oil or oil from other lubricant manufacturers? The manufacturer recommends refilling with the original Toyota Corolla Genuine Motor Oil API synthetic motor oil. (Toyota Engine Oil), but in addition to the original, It is also possible to fill oils from other manufacturers, como Shell, Castrol, Car, Total, etc.

It is worth noting the important fact that Toyota, just like most other automakers - they don't produce motor oil, and only sells it in its brand packaging, as the company stated on the Japanese official website Toyota.jp that the oil for Toyota is produced by manufacturers like Exxon, Mobil y Idemitsu.

In this phase of choosing between brands, each one decides for himself, based on your personal experience, since vehicle owners choose each other's oil according to their beliefs, capabilities and needs. For some people brand "A" is preferable, while others have to buy oil "B", because oil "A" is not available.

From which to choose

A list of some of the oils available in the market. Brands and ratings are not given for promotional purposes, but as a rating based on feedback from Corolla owners 120:

  • Castrol GTX 5W-30;
  • IDEMITSU ZEPRO Touring 5W-30 и 0W-30 en invierno;
  • Liqui Moly Special Tec LL 5W-30;
  • Kixx G1 0W-30 API SN/CF и 5W-30 verano;
  • Magnatec SAE 5W-40;
  • Mobile Super 3000 5W-30;
  • Car 1 ESP Formula 5W-30;
  • Motul 8100 ECO-NRGY 5W-30;
  • NESTE City Pro LL 5W-30;
  • Total Quartz Energy HKS G-310 5W-30;
  • Total Quartz 9000 5W-40;
  • Toyota SN/CF 5W-30;
  • Toyota 5W-40 SL;
  • Shell helix HX7 5W-30;
  • Shell helix HX8 5W-30;

Best oil for Toyota

As mentioned earlier, the best oil for a Toyota Corolla is selected individually and in most cases it takes time, and sometimes requires more than one brand or rebrand.

If the choice of oil presents any difficulty, three "yes" must be taken into account:

  1. If the weather is hot and the mileage is high, the best oil for a Toyota Corolla is a semi-synthetic 10W-30;
  2. If the weather is cold and the mileage is high, use 5W-30 or 5W-40;
  3. If the weather is variable, In most cases 5W-30 motor oil as an all season oil will work best;

Good choice yours, replacement on time and do not forget to check the oil level to be able to change it in time.

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