How to Clean Engine Oil and Dirt at Home

The presence of dirt leads to overheating of the power unit, so timely cleaning under the hood is essential. Car washes also help clean the engine, but every owner is able to do it at home. There is no specific schedule for this procedure, the engine is usually cleaned at least once a year, but keep in mind that during the winter the space under the hood gets dirty more quickly. Not only dirt enters, but also reagents that damage engine components.

What are the dangers of dirt under the hood

What are the dangers of dirt under the hood

The heart of the vehicle is the powertrain, and even small impurities affect performance and function. Thermal management disorders cause cylinder walls to overheat and changes in heat transfer affect all processes. Accumulation of used motor oil on the outside of the engine greatly increases the risk of contamination. The presence of an oil layer affects corrosion processes, metal particles destroy the surface of the components and dirt settles on the accessories, reducing its useful life.

The reason for cleaning the engine is that it has to be cleaned:

  • Proper care increases the longevity of the engine and ensures the proper functioning of the cooling system.;
  • Engine components wear more slowly (due to better heat transfer);
  • electronic sensors and devices in the engine compartment are working properly;
  • Ignition system stays in good working order for longer;

The reason for cleaning the underbody is also to prepare the car for sale.. Only then will the buyer be able to appreciate the car..

What engine washing products exist

To clean dirt and oil from an engine, water and a brush are not enough. There are many specialized products on the market that make the cleaning process more efficient.. The car enthusiast can also benefit from a high pressure washer, that requires a lot of care.

Experts do not recommend the use of fuels such as gasoline or paraffin to clean the engine of engine oil.. After such a cleaning, heating will cause smoke.

Specialized products for cleaning the engine compartment of oil vary in their formulation and are very effective.. Products available on the market are divided into universal products, that can easily tackle any type of dirt, and highly specialized products, that are designed to remove a specific type of dirt or deposits.

Manufacturers make sprays and liquids available to customers, as well as concentrated gels. household detergents, found in every home, they are not suitable for cleaning engine oil from a power unit: its active chemicals, almost always acids or alkalis, have a detrimental effect on plastic or rubber items and cause rust on metal surfaces.


The chemical composition of specialized products is not safe, so the user must know some handling rules:

  • Protect the respiratory system by wearing a mask (respirator) and gloves;
  • The use of bracelets is desirable;
  • Safety glasses are required;
  • Workwear

The preparations are sprayed and must not come into contact with the skin or eyes., as they can cause inflammation or allergic reactions. Clothing can be damaged by oil stains from the engine compartment.

Preparing the vehicle for washing the engine

To properly clean the engine oil under the hood, some preparations need to be made:

  • the car is placed in a garage – after the procedure is completed, the owner must let the engine dry, which means that the car must not be started for at least twelve hours, and preferably a whole day;
  • Check the wiring beforehand: the motor cannot be cleaned if the wires are bare or there are holes or cracks where moisture or detergent could enter;
  • Prepare the tools: you need brushes of different sizes, a container of water, Scotch tape, Plastic sheets, a washing machine and cleaning products;
  • Cool the control unit to fifty degrees and, if the car has been parked, heat it slightly;
  • battery terminals reset;
  • Places that will be damaged by moisture are carefully covered with polyethylene and secured with tape. This especially applies to the idle speed sensor.

Care and attention are the secret of success. After the preparation phase, the car owner is ready to go straight to the wash.

How to wash the engine correctly

How to wash the engine correctly

Before cleaning the power unit from dirt and rancid oil, the bottoms are rinsed with water to remove stubborn dirt. the continuation, it is the turn of the cleaning spray or other cleaning products. Solutions are applied to engine components with sponges, while hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned with a normal toothbrush.

When using grease remover sprays, it is important to remember to wait a short period of time before rinsing the product for it to be most effective. When washing the underside of the car, use hoses with low water pressure.

How to clean engine oil and dirt with your own hands

How to clean engine oil and dirt with your own hands

Many motorists use diesel, gasoline and paraffin, but it is not a good option, as there is a risk of fire or smoke later. Various compounds can be used to clean the car engine at home.

Experienced mechanics point out that universal cleaners are the best option for washing motor oil at home, especially if it is cleaned regularly and oil stains do not accumulate much. in severe cases, the powertrain must be cleaned with special detergents.

The most suitable product to remove engine oil in the garage is the spray, as it disperses well and reaches even hard-to-reach areas.

Effective products for cleaning the powertrain and underbody of the car

The list includes products that are easy to use and with which it is easy to achieve component purity:

Pestone Heavy Duty

Pestone Heavy Duty is a spray cleaner that breaks down dirt and oil in ten minutes, after which it is simply rinsed with water. The product forms a foam when applied to the surface to be cleaned.. Product helps with oil and grime but cannot remove stubborn deposits, a good product for regular engine care.

STP Heavy Duty Engine Degreaser

STP Heavy Duty Engine Degreaser

STP is an aerosol suitable for passenger cars, as well as for SUVs and vans. With an exposure time of approximately a quarter of an hour, removes even the most stubborn dirt and deposits.

Liqui Moly engine compartment cleaner

Liqui Moly engine compartment cleaner

Liqui Moli is a spray that has a working time of fifteen to twenty minutes. Can be washed under running water. Suitable for fighting dust, oil stains and reagents that get under the hood while driving. Effective even against stubborn deposits.

Which of the following remedies have you used?

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