kits de reconstruction de moteur harley.

Reconstruction du moteur Harley Davidson

Le processus commence par amener votre vélo chez votre concessionnaire Harley-Davidson local. Le concessionnaire retire le moteur et l'expédie dans un conteneur spécial aux opérations du groupe motopropulseur H-D à Wauwatosa, Washington. Le moteur passe ensuite par un programme en cinq étapes.


  1. Complete disassembly and inspection of each engine component. Parts that can be cleaned and remanufactured to original specs are saved. The rest will be replaced with new components.
  2. All reusable parts are cleaned. Paint is thermally removed from the heads and cylinders and a chemical process is used to clean small components. After inspection, the cleaned parts are powder-coated.
  3. The powder-coated parts are machined, bored and honed, followed by another inspection of all machined parts.
  4. Reassembly. All chromed and polished parts are replaced with new parts, including rocker box covers, upper and lowers and gear case cover. The engine is also upgraded to the latest specs. For legal and warranty purposes, all engines receive a stock camshaft (if owners installed high-performance cams, they will not be reinstalled or returned).
  5. The final step involves several tests to make sure the engine performs to Harley-Davidson standards, incliding a live dyno run to check for correct oil pressure, leaks and sounds. This provides an initial break-in for the engine as well as quality inspection.


About two weeks after an engine is shipped to H-D it is returned to the dealer. It is installed with it’s original VIN and a one year warranty. When you need a Harley engine rebuild, the one year warranty is a big plus over other choices. Depending on your engine, prices start at $2,000.

Harley Davidson Engine Rebuild Kits

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