Cambio Candele Ford F150

Come cambiare le candele motore Ford F150 4.6l

Molte persone hanno difficoltà a cambiare le loro candele, tanto più quando si tratta di 4.6 motori L. Per uno, gli ingegneri hanno fatto in modo che questo compito si rivelasse difficile.

Anche, c'è il rischio di strappare le filettature della candela. Se questo è successo, you would have a lot more to worry about other than the impending replacement. Thus, you end up having to get an expert to do the same for you.

Tuttavia, these issues should not let you waver when it comes to replacement. And there is no need for you to get a professional to handle the task if you are up to it. All you need to do is to get the right tools and set aside enough time for the job ahead.

A few hours of your time will do, and it is best to schedule the replacement for a day when you are free. The first time may prove challenging, but once you get it right, subsequent tasks will be a breeze.

Who knows? You could end up charging for your services and making some bucks from the venture.

When replacing, there is a need to consider the state of the ignition coils. Where they are working as they should or are new, you can replace them when they are on. If this is not the case, you should have them off.

For added safety, it is best to have them in the latter condition. Having them in this way reduces the chances of an accident. And you do not want to spend part of those dedicated hours rushing to the emergency room.

You can tell that your ignition system needs attention if you have witnessed the following situations. If it misfires under load, there is a need for care. If there is a problem when starting, you need to look into the issue.

The same applies where its performance is below par and where the fuel economy seems to be poor.

When selecting the right spark plug for your engine, there are some factors that you need to consider. The same goes for the ignition coils. You want to invest in something that will increase the performance of the engine and one that will last for a considerable time.

Thus, be sure to take your time when making this decision as you want to end up with something high-quality.

Replacing the Spark Plug

The first thing you need to do is to access the spark plugs. You will find that they lie below ignition coils and you can access them through a hole in the cylinder. With most cylinders, it is not possible to get a good look at the spark plugs.

Where this is the case with your plugs, you will be going in blind. It might feel scary, but as long as you follow the stipulated steps, everything will turn out okay.

The next step is to disconnect the negative battery cable. Once you do this, you can proceed to remove the plastic engine cover. Be sure to exercise caution when performing all these tasks.

After you accomplish the above two, the other steps will be relatively simple. Let’s get started:

Start by unplugging the ignition coil. You can do the same for the fuel injector connectors. All this will help you reach the coil retainer bolt. You will then proceed to remove the bolt, and you can achieve this through the use of a seven-millimeter socket.

While doing so, you should exercise extra care such that you do not lose the bolt in the engine valley. Start by loosening the bolt with the said socket and work on unthreading it. Once it is loose enough, you can proceed to remove it by hand.

You can now work on removing the ignition coil. You will need to pull on it, and in some cases, you may require a little effort to do so. Where the insulator comes off from the other part of the coil, note that this is standard.

It can occur in some cases, and for some people, this does not happen. Whatever the case, do not let this be a cause for worry. Where it occurs, remove the boot from the hole and place it on the ignition coil.

You now need to get rid of any debris that may be in the hole in the cylinder head as this is where the spark plug is. You can use compressed air to do so as it is the most efficient in this regard.

This step prevents any dirt from getting into the cylinder as you remove the spark plug. The presence of debris can interfere with the workings of the cylinder.

In removing the spark plug, you will require several extensions as well as a spark plug socket. The socket will depend on the make of your car. Where your vehicle falls under 1997-2003 model years, you should go with a 5/8 inch plug socket.

Where the car is as from 2004 going forward, you should opt for a 9/16 inch socket. The socket contains a rubber boot which will hold on to the spark plug. In this way, it will come out when you remove the socket.

Now, remember that you are going in blind at this point and precision is thus very important. You should secure the socket plus the extensions on the spark plug. In doing so, you should proceed to confirm that the fit is secure before adding the ratchet.

Failure to do this can lead to stripping the hex head, and thus, more problems would arise.

Once you have loosened the spark plug, you can now disconnect the ratchet. From here, finish the unthreading by working on the extension by hand. You can then confirm the ford 4.6 spark plug gap you wish to use in the replacement.

The model year will determine the fit, and you can always refer to the label for this measurement. Then apply some anti-seize to the threads in preparation for the installation.

Now, place the replacement spark plug into the socket and commence the installation. The best way to do this is to start by hand. In this way, you do not strip the soft threads on the cylinder head.

You should be able to thread the plugs in entirety without bringing a ratchet into the picture. Once you accomplish this, you can then use the ratchet to complete the installation. Ensure that you do not go overboard with this as over-tightening will cause an issue.

As you finish up, you can apply some dielectric grease to the tip of the ignition coil. Follow up by reinstalling the coil on the spark plug, ensuring that it sits on the plug.

From here, you can place the retainer bolt in place, followed by the fuel injector connector and the ignition coil connector.

Let us look at some of the frequently asked questions in this regard:


Is the Ford 4.6 v8 a Good Engine?

When buying an engine, you want to know that you are getting the very best, which is the case with this engine. If you are looking for a robust engine that will last you through the years, this is the way to go.

Think of how many taxis and police cars use this engine and look at their mileage. It goes to show that this engine has a lot to offer. So yes, it is a good engine.

Anche, you should note that the 4.6 is a better choice as compared to most others on the market. You don’t end up dealing with issues such as leaking oil in head gaskets or blowing out of spark plugs.

Ford 4.6 Best Spark Plugs

There are many options on the market. With Ford, it is always best to go with Motorcraft or Autolite. Sure, you could try the alternatives but hardly will they ever meet the standards of these preferred options.

Ford f150 Spark Plug Removal Cost

It will cost you an average of $220-$290 to get your spark plugs replaced. Labor costs average $150-$200, depending on who does the work. And the parts will set you back an estimated $70-$80. It is important to note that these figures do not include fees and taxes, and where these are applicable, the amounts could be much higher.

4.6 l 3v Spark Plug Removal Instructions

As we had discussed earlier, you will need to get rid of any debris in the cylinder hole first. Then get a socket for the model in play as well as at least four extensions. You can now use your hands to get a firm grip on the socket. Once the fit is secure, use a ratchet to loosen the plug. Then unfasten the ratchet and work on removing the plug with your hands.

Replacing spark plugs may seem like a difficult task that you may opt to delegate. Tuttavia, if you have the time to accomplish the replacement, you can do it from the comfort of your home. Good luck!

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