scaldavivande portatile per camionista

Fornello portatile per camionisti

Non solo i camionisti devono mantenere il cibo fresco, hanno anche bisogno di riscaldarlo! Questo pratico fornello portatile offre molte opzioni per pasti veloci.

Siamo arrivati ​​alla fine del nostro conto alla rovescia per i regali di Natale! The final gift we’re going to talk about is a portable stove — something that can certainly make life in the road easier for your trucker.

As any truck driver knows, it can be a little tricky to eat healthy on the road. Truck stops and fast food places don’t exactly have an abundance of healthy options, but a trucker’s cooking devices are significantly limited on the road. So what’s a trucker to do?

Fortunately, there are several travel cooking appliances that we recommend. We’ve discussed some before (like slow cookers, coolers, and travel blenders), but today our focus is on this RoadPro portable stove for truckers.

This travel stove is great for heating up leftovers or frozen/refrigerated foods while you drive. It heats up to 300 degrees and can heat most pre-cooked foods. We’ve heard from many drivers that this little heated lunchbox is great for the road because you can just put what you want for dinner in, turn it on, drive for a few hours, and when you stop you’ve got a nice hot meal. Easy as pie!

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